ラシュカレ=トイバウルドゥー語:لشكرِ طيبہ・翻字:laškar-ĕ ṯayyiba)は、南アジアイスラーム主義組織。
インドパキスタンの係争地域であるカシミール地方の分離独立を掲げ南アジア地域で活動している。「ラシュカル・エ・タイバ」、「ラシュカレ・タイバ」などの表記もみられる。英表記もLashkar-e Tayyaba、Lashkar-i Toiba 等、複数あり定まっていない。Lashkarは「軍隊」を意味する語、Toibaはアラビア語で「よい」という意味があるTayyibの派生語であり、ラシュカレトイバとは「敬虔な者の軍隊」を意味すると説明される。
ハーフィズ・ムハンマド・サイード(Hafiz Muhammad Said)が、マルカズ・ウッ=ダウア・ワル=イルシャード(宗教・社会保障研究センター)の軍事部門として設立した。本部はパキスタンのラーホール近郊の町ムリードケー (Muridke座標: 北緯31.795279度 東経74.251163度) にあり、パキスタン領カシミールアーザード・カシミール)に訓練施設を有するとされる。

Exclusive: Pakistan plans takeover of charities run by Islamist figure U.S. has targeted
Asif Shahzad

(Reuters) - Pakistan’s government plans to seize control of charities and financial assets linked to Islamist leader Hafiz Saeed, who Washington has designated a terrorist, according to officials and documents reviewed by Reuters.
The United States has labeled JuD and FIF “terrorist fronts” for Lashkar-e-Taiba (“Army of the Pure” or LeT), a group Saeed founded in 1987 and which Washington and India blame for the 2008 attacks in Mumbai that killed 166 people.

Saeed has repeatedly denied involvement in the Mumbai attacks and a Pakistani court saw insufficient evidence to convict him. The LeT could not be reached for comment.

The Dec. 19th document, which refers to “Financial Action Task Force (FATF) issues”, names only Saeed’s two charities and “actions to be taken” against them.

The FATF, which is an international body that combats money laundering and terrorist financing, has warned Pakistan it faces inclusion on a watch list for failing to crack down on financing terrorism.

Asked about a crackdown on JuD and FIF, Interior Minister Ahsan Iqbal, who co-chaired one of the meetings on the plan, responded only generally, saying he has ordered authorities “to choke the fundraising of all proscribed outfits in Pakistan”.

In a written reply to Reuters, he also said Pakistan wasn’t taking action under U.S. pressure. “We’re not pleasing anyone. We’re working as a responsible nation to fulfill our obligations to our people and international community.”

Spokesmen for the JuD and FIF both said they could not comment until they receive official notifications of the government’s plans. “We don’t have any intimation about any crackdown so far,” FIF spokesman Salman Shahid told Reuters. “No one has asked us about our work or assets.”

Saeed could not be reached for comment. He has frequently denied having ties to militants and says the charitable organizations he founded and controls have no terrorism ties. He says he promotes an Islamic-oriented government through doing good works.


If the government follows through with the plan, it would mark the first time Pakistan has made a major move against Saeed’s network, which includes 300 seminaries and schools, hospitals, a publishing house and ambulance services. The JuD and FIF alone have about 50,000 volunteers and hundreds of other paid workers, according to two counter-terrorism officials.

Participants at the meeting raised the possibility that the government’s failure to act against the charities could lead to U.N. sanctions, one of the three officials said. A U.N. Security Council team is due to visit Pakistan in late January to review progress against U.N.-designated “terrorist” groups.

“Any adverse comments or action suggested by the team can have far-reaching implications for Pakistan,” the official said.

The Dec. 19th document gave few details about how the state would take over Saeed’s charities, pending the plans submitted from the provincial governments. It did say it would involve government entities taking over ambulance services and accounting for other vehicles used by the charities.

It says law enforcement agencies will coordinate with Pakistan’s intelligence agencies to identify the assets of the two charities and examine how they raise money.

The document also directs that the name of JuD’s 200-acre headquarters, Markaz-e-Taiba, near the eastern city of Lahore be changed to something else ”to make it known that the Government of “Punjab (province) solely manages and operates the Markaz(headquarters)”.

The move to seize the charities could spark some concern from the powerful military, which has proposed plans to steer Saeed and the JuD into mainstream politics. The military did not respond to a request for comment.

In August, JuD officials formed a new political party, the Milli Muslim League, and backed candidates who fared relatively strongly in two key parliamentary by-elections.

The JuD publicly disavows armed militancy inside Pakistan, but offers vocal support for the cause of rebel fighters in Indian-administered Kashmir and has called for Pakistan to retake Kashmir. Nuclear-armed India and Pakistan have fought two wars over the disputed region.

Washington, which has offered a $10 million reward for information leading to Saeed’s conviction over the Mumbai attacks, warned Islamabad of repercussions after a Pakistani court in late November released him from house arrest.

Punjab’s provincial government had put Saeed under house arrest for 10 months this year for violating anti-terrorism laws.


インドで同時テロ 日本人1人含む101人が死亡












1960年6月(昭和35年) ブリヂストン液化ガス株式会社設立
1962年1月(昭和37年) 世界初の低温式大型LPGタンカー“ブリヂストン丸”竣工
1966年6月(昭和41年) 唐津製造所完成
1966年8月(昭和41年) 三井物産株式会社と資本提携成立
1970年11月(昭和45年) 青森製造所完成
1973年3月(昭和48年) アブダビにおけるLNGプロジェクトに参画。ADGAS(Abu Dhabi Gas Liquefaction Company)社に出資
1975年5月(昭和50年) 七尾製造所完成
1981年3月 (昭和56年) 三井液化ガス株式会社に社名変更
1991年3月(平成3年) アブダビ LNGプロジェクトより撤退
1991年4月(平成3年) 三井石油株式会社と合併、三井石油株式会社へ社名変更
1994年12月(平成6年) 石狩製造所完成
1998年12月(平成10年) LPガス国家備蓄事業に参画
2004年12月(平成16年) 三井石油株式会社からLPガス事業を分離独立、三井液化ガス株式会社となる
2008年4月(平成20年) 丸紅ガスエナジー株式会社と統合、三井丸紅液化ガス株式会社に社名変更
2011年3月(平成23年) JX日鉱日石エネルギー(現 JXTGエネルギー株式会社)のLPガス事業と統合し、ENEOSグローブ株式会社に社名変更

第5話 液化ガス事業への進出と撤退

1954年に米国のユニオン ストックヤード アンド トランシット社は、石油原産地で排出される未利用の天然ガスを冷凍液化し、安い運賃で大量に遠隔地まで海上輸送する技術を開発しました。石橋社長は、1954年、同社関係者と会談し、技術調査を経てLPG(液化石油ガス)輸入販売事業への進出を決断しました。


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